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Feb 28


Some single word titled films have become iconic. You know, like Jaws. Jaws is so famous world wide, you would never expect to see a newer filmed called Jaws about a completely different topic. But here we have Christine. Christine, about a real person named Christine. Not about a Satan controlled Car. Just a name …

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Sep 22

Queen of Katwe

Honestly, Queen of Katwe came out kind of a surprise to me, which is mostly surprising as it is a Disney movie. I mean, shit, the bombed film The Finest Hours which Disney barely cared to promote I was still able to see advertisements for. But queen of Katwe? I just assumed it was some …

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Jun 24

Free State of Jones

I love period piece films as long as that period isn’t Victorian-era England. Those ones aren’t necessary bad, they just feel overdone to me and now I have developed a slight bias against them. Sorry, not sorry. Civil War era films usually get me all excited though. Or just pre-Civil War slavery films. I don’t …

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Feb 05

The Lady In The Van

Now, I am not trying to be sexist here. But let’s think about The Lady In The Van. Is it creepy? Maybe a bit. I imagine a cat lady, even though if you live in a van, you probably don’t want cats in there as well. That’d be poopy. But if this was titled The …

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Feb 01

The Finest Hours

I am pining (Pine-ing, if you will) for a conspiracy here, so hold on to your butts, let’s see what I can do. Chris Pine is a weird guy. He does a lot of weird movies. Did you see Stretch? You should go see Stretch. At the same time he is a bit of a …

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Jan 04


Head injuries are serious things. Because your brain is your most important organ. You can’t survive without your brain, so things that hurt your brain are literally the worse. And vague things like concussions become scary nightmares. These may sound like facts, but that is because your brain is telling you they are. If you …

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Nov 17

The 33

The 2010 Chilean mining accident is a wonderful topic for a movie. I am surprised it took them five years in fact. It was a national event, it lasted months, it involved dozens of people (33 to be exact), and it had a happy ending. Imagine if they opened the hole and it was a …

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Apr 15

True Story

True Story is a True Story! And given the cast, it is going to be a hilarious romp about a real life situation that is probably grossly exaggerated! Or or or or! No, maybe this is a pseudo-sequel to This Is The End? Our main characters playing themselves, maybe pre-Apocalypse! Wait. What? This is a …

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Nov 14


I don’t often use the democratic process when working on my website, but I like to keep things interesting. Because I only go to 1 pre-screening a week now, I have to sometimes make difficult decisions on what I want to watch now and watch later. I had FOUR choices this weeks of screenings, and …

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Nov 09


Honestly, when I was first told about the movie Parkland, I just had to wonder why. Why do we need a movie about the death of John F. Kennedy? There are a few out there, some of them considered classics. Some tell the true story, some focus on conspiracies, but they all get the same …

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