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Awhile ago I decided I wanted to become a master of all pop culture. I thought Beat The Geeks was one of the best TV shows ever. In order to become a master, you must know it all.

My movie collection was already considered bad by some, because I bought anything that looked remotely interesting, even if it turned out bad, and there was a lot of bad. But until recently, I had watched movies on a non consistent basis, maybe one a week, maybe three a day. Depended on the mood.

So I have decided to change that. There are a lot of movies out there, and they all should be seen by me! I don’t care what kind of bad rep it got, or what the critics in the film festivals are saying. I want to judge movies by my eyes and stop assuming everyone else knows more than me.

People tended to ask me if movers were “good or not,” and I never found it that simple. So I started posting the reviews on the Facebook. A friend of mine suggested a website instead, an area where they can all be combined and not lost. Free website domain to share my opinions about movies with whoever? Heck yeah.

I first thought of Movie Review Nerd, as the title. But mrnerd.com was already taken, and I had loved the way it was the initials, and you know, MR. Nerd. Oh well. So I tried to think of a different way to showoff geekiness and movies, while having a simple title.

When I made the tagline “Watching Shitty Movies, So You Don’t Have To”, my mind went to Gorgons/Medusa. Because watching a shitty movie could be like staring at a Gorgon in the eyes. Then I was set! Shortened it to GorgView, because it is easier to type, and bam a website was born.

Contact Me

Right now the best way to contact me is to send me a message on Twitter, or contact me via the form below. I am on Twitter if I am not in a movie or a meeting. @GorgonReviews.

For film makers and PR companies who are looking for places to review their work, the form below is perfect. If you add me to twitter and don’t say anything, I probably won’t even notice.

And of course, you could always comment your rants on here or somewhere else on the website.

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