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Mar 08

Hotel Transylvania 2

Happy Marcho-wene! For those who read this months from now, I quite lazily decided to finally review Hotel Transylvania 2 in March. Hell, it even came out to DVD in January. No excuse valid, not even a busy Oscar season. I thought Hotel Transylvania was only okay and really wasn’t surprised it had had a …

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May 18

Just Before I Go

Oh hey, so apparently Courtney Cox has directed a movie. She wants to go the David Schwimmer route now. I didn’t know she was the director when I watched it though. I wanted to see Seann William Scott. I repeat, I watched Just Before I Go because it was starring Seann William Scott. Scott isn’t …

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Mar 24

Dumb and Dumber To

I could start this review talking about sequels that never had to be made. I could talk about the long time between movies (twenty years, or I guess, eleven if you count Dumb and Dumberer). But no, I will just be the bigger man and realize why this movie was made. Jim Carrey wants to …

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Aug 12

Let’s Be Cops

Let’s Be Cops. A movie that has been advertised for almost six months before coming out, despite for all intents and purposes, looking like a shitty cop comedy. I mean. You saw the trailer. It just pumps loud rap music at you with scenes that aren’t really funny and situations that are so unbelievable that …

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Dec 07


Clearly, it took me a long, long time to watch Killers. Like three years is forever in movie years. But why? Well, the trailers made it look super un-interesting. So that is a downer. Second, it stars That guy who I only liked in One Movie. (But to be fair, I tend to dislike most …

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Jun 13

The Internship

When you first heard about The Internship, you thought one of three things: “Oh great, a movie where the jokes are only at the expense of nerds and old people trying to be hip!” “Oh great, a giant advertisement movie for Google!” “Oh great, an Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie trying to recapture the magic that happened with Wedding …

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Sep 12

The Lorax

I say a lot I try to make sure that movies based on books are given their own subjective look, without bringing the book into it. After all, they are different mediums. I need to judge the movie just on its movieness. But The Lorax? That shit is classic. Here is an audio version for …

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Mar 28

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street (the movie) is nothing like 21 Jump Street (the TV show). Have I seen the show? No. But I know “about it” enough so that I get it. That was more of a crime drama thing, not really a comedy. The movie is a straight up comedy, with tons of references to …

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Nov 08

The Other Guys

I have been told that The Other Guys was a great movie. By looking at the cover a long time ago, I assumed that was not true. This also came out around the same time as Cop Out, so I need to spread out my police cop comedy thrillers. Cop Out seemed to be a …

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