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Jan 17

Bad Moms

Bad Moms thankfully came out the week before or during my vacation in the summer. A glorious time where I missed, frankly, a lot of terrible movies. I am judging Bad Moms not just by its cover, but by the actresses picked, the trailer, and the marketing they went through. I read it was originally …

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Aug 02

The Boss

Almost every single introduction joke I could think of for The Boss was incredibly lame. There are way too many Boss-based pop culture references that every single one became cringey at just the thought of them. I don’t think there is a single good joke or reference I can make without the readers closing their …

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Mar 04


2016 has a sizable collection of animated movies coming out this year. I’d list them, but that makes for a boring read. A common theme I see is the classic “Animals doing human people things.” We technically had it with Kung Fu Panda 3, but it was at least set in the past. This year …

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Mar 20

Veronica Mars

Alright everyone. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. This is the moment a lot of you may have been waiting for. Veronica Mars has finally been given a movie. For those who weren’t blessed with experiencing one of the better TV shows of the mid-2000’s, Veronica Mars ran for three seasons before getting canceled. It was one of those …

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Dec 04

Frozen (Disney)

Frozen, not to be confused with the survivor horror movie of the same name, is the first Walt Disney Animation Studios film since Wreck-It Ralph. You know, because Planes was made by a lesser Disney studio, not their main one. It is also based on “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson, which explains why they gave …

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Oct 12

The Lifeguard

Oh Kristen Bell. You are a big star. Why are you in this movie, The Lifeguard, something I have never heard about and went straight to DVD? Is it Dax Shepard‘s fault? I bet it is Dax’s fault. He is a jerk. Don’t let him put you in bad movies. You are lucky you avoided …

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Jan 30

Movie 43

The thing I love most about Movie 43 is how easy it will be to review. I mean, part of the point is not knowing much about the movie ahead of time before you see it. So I don’t have describe all the skits, just the main plot that tries to hold it all together. …

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Sep 27

Hit and Run

I am pretty sure I heard about Hit and Run first from Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. Do you know them? They have been a couple for a few years, since they met on When In Rome. Both very delightful people that make me laugh. Well they wanted to do a movie together, damn it, …

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Jun 19

Big Miracle

Big Miracle? Some whale movie? Originally I wasn’t going to watch Big Miracle, but then I remembered I watch everything. “Oh yeah! Might as well watch it asap then,” I thinks to myself.2 This is the best intro I have wrote for a movie. Bitches love whales? Based off of actual events in the 80s …

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Jan 13

Serious Moonlight

When I saw the cover of Serious Moonlight I thought it looked like a dumb Romantic Comedy. I mean, it really had nothing going for it. I clearly didn’t look too closely, or else I would have noticed something very amiss. Regardless, the reason I originally picked this movie to watch is because I liked …

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