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Jul 14

The Journey

Think about a movie called The Journey. What sort of genre would you think that movie is? Well, first, I know I would think of maybe…adventure? Yeah. Adventure. If not an adventure film, maybe a war/action movie. If not a war/action movie, then something spiritual, a religious film. If you thought historical drama, I would …

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Dec 21


Has there been any movies out about JFK yet? Just kidding. Outside of JFK itself, we have had Thirteen Days, Bubba Ho-Tep (technically), and recently we had Parkland, about his assassination. But what is with all the focus on the dead president? What about the lives that were left behind? Jackie wants to give us …

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Aug 21

Only Lovers Left Alive

Vampire movies. A pretty popular subject subgenre of film, most of them all showing vampires in a different light than the accepted myths. Yes. Twilight is basically to blame for these last 8 or so years. I mean, shit, we even have a Dracula movie coming out later this year, about the “True legend” of …

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Jul 31


2014 was going to be the year of the Hercules movies. Two films, doppleganger movies, going head to head, months apart, to see who could make the best Hercules based movie. Kind of silly, when nothing could ever beat the clearly superior Hercules Disney movie from 1997. Zero to Hero, bitches. But two things were …

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Jun 26


I first heard about Snowpiercer like a lot of people when I was getting insulted by people with a lot of money. Despite making boat loads of money in South Korea where it debuted, The Weinstein Company wanted to delay its release in the US, like everything they grab. Why? To make cuts to the …

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Jun 14


This is going to be one of those slightly different reviews folks. Not only is it based on true events, but most of us know about it all. Okay, I mean we are aware of the events around it, without knowing both sides and all the problems and complications. I am talking about the Recount …

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Jun 07

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

SPY MOVIES. But this is not your James Bond type of Spy Movie. This is the more subtle, information based spy movie. Of course more secret government organizations. But it is also British, and with other European people. As a hardcore American, that is a negative to me. Because we are the best. But honestly, …

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Mar 23

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army made one of the worst mistakes ever. The worst being releasing your movie the same date as The Dark Knight. So instead it id the second or third worst mistake ever. It released in theaters the week before The Dark Knight. Sure, all the fanboys would go to see both. …

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