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Jul 13

The LEGO Batman Movie

If you are new here, I have rallied against animated films so far this year. We just had a summer with Cars 3 and Despicable Me 3, both incredibly bad to super bad films. And these are our tent pole films for the year more or less! There is very little hope of animated films …

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Nov 23


And this is where we stand. This is where all of the marbles fall. This is where the plot thickens. Finally, Moana is now out, and we can almost fully discuss the potential for Best Animated Film this year. I was excited for Moana since it was first announced. Every announcement was met with excitement. …

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Dec 22

Don Verdean

Nacho Libre. Napoleon Dynamite. Gentlemen Broncos. Two of these films are well known. Both of them are universally hated or loved, with barely any room for middle ground. And Gentlemen Broncos was unfortunately never widely known on the radar, despite it being the strongest movie of the three for me. I also hated Dynamite, and …

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Mar 23

What We Do In The Shadows

I don’t think you want to know what I do in the shadows. Usually it involves lurking, dodging sunlight, or cooling off. Now that I think about that, two of those three descriptions are very vampire-like. Hey, what a perfect title. What We Do In The Shadows is, after all, about a few dudes sharing …

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Apr 14

Rio 2

Rio 2. Did it need to happen? The first film, Rio, told a complete story. I don’t remember how I felt about the movie initially, but I quickly grew to hate it. That’s right, I now hate the first Rio. The songs are terrible, the story is dumb. The songs are really really terrible. After …

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Mar 25

Muppets Most Wanted

Hello there kiddos! Remember my last review of The Muppets? No? Well, there it is if you want to click on it. If you don’t want to, I gave it a 2 out of 4. I never watched The Muppets as a kid, so I had no sense of attachment. It was an okay movie …

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Aug 08

Men In Black 3

Here’s something I have learned today. Men In Black 3 is the first movie Will Smith has done in four years. FOUR YEARS. Isn’t that weird? Someone who used to do action movies every other year on average since ID4, with a drama or two thrown in? I only looked this up because Will Smith …

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May 15

Eagle vs. Shark

Hey, I bet by the name alone that you will think Eagle vs Shark is a super weird comedy? Yep. I don’t usually want people to judge the movie by its cover, but using the cover to help get yourself in the right mood has never been a bad thing. Yep, it is going to …

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Feb 06

Gentlemen Broncos

I first saw the preview for Gentlemen Broncos years ago, but then forgot about it. I remember it sounded interesting, if not fucking weird. Unfortunately the box screams out don’t watch me. After all, its biggest selling point is from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite. Eugch. Although I like weird movies, I generally prefer some …

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Oct 27

Dinner for Schmucks

This is not a Hollywood original movie. I am flabbergasted at this notion. It is based off a French movie from the previous millennium in 1998. The Dinner Game. How dare you, Hollywood. Okay that is fake anger. Dinner for Schmucks is the American version and therefore the better version, amirite? This is the most …

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