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Dec 09

Miss Sloane

Miss Sloane, that’s a lady, and they want you to know that the lady is not married. Miss Sloane is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man in her life. Or she doesn’t have time for a man in her life, one of those things. Miss Sloane is the type of woman that …

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Dec 24


As it happens every year, this year I find myself lacking in the Best Actress potential nominee department. Somehow these films with strong lady leads allude me, it is probably cause I am a man. But damn it, this year I got to see Carol before they announced Oscar nominations. Sure, it might presumptuous for …

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Jun 16

Obvious Child

I knew something was up when I went to my screening of Obvious Child. Two things were of note. One, I was invited to a free screening of a film, that technically was already released in theaters the week before. Most of the time free screenings are before they are out, to build hype and …

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