Captain America

Alright! The long awaited Captain America movie that people would assume would not do well internationally. I mean, who cares about American Patriotism, outside of Americans and Terrorists who want to find its weaknesses? Most importantly for this movie is the last set up movie before every nerd boys dream, The Avengers, which if you missed, had a large preview at the end of Captun AMurrika.

Chris Evans plays the titular character, making this the 5th comic based person of his career. He was of course Johnny Flame in Fantastic Four movies. But he was also in The Losers, a graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, a graphic novel, and the voice of Casey in the TMNT movie, originally a comic. This guy better love comics. The next closest person would be Ryan Reynolds, who is just trying to be in everything these days.

A lot of talk on the CGI used to display Evans before and after the serum. He looks weird scrany, but it wasn’t actual CGI but some other complicated method. It was actually his body the whole time though, so at least we get that. Movie was long enough with enough action in it to give the complete story, even his return to the present. It sucked knowing his relationship would never last. I liked how they showed his conquests throughout Europe, giving small detail, but leaving enough room for a Captain America 2 to take place during this time, pre Red Skull as well.

Speaking of Red Skull, how about that Hugo Weaving? How good is he at sci-fi, fantasy, action movies?

Red Skull /Hugo Weaving
Multiple personality disorder is serious business.

Also this film does a good job of tricking you. You think one thing will happen, and not only do they do the opposite, they kind of tease the fact that you just guessed wrong. See: kid being thrown in the water. We also have Tommy Lee Jones as a big army dude, Hayley Atwell as a love interest, and Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark.

3 out of 4.

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  • This was my favorite superhero/comic book movie of the summer! I loved Thor, and Thor is one of my favorite all-time Marvel characters, but I feel like this movie trumped Thor. I’ve never really cared about the Captain America character, but the way he was portrayed in this movie made me care. Chris Evans was excellent. The plot was great too. Basically, its everything a comic book movie should be. Besides, how can a movie with Hugo Weaving be bad? I don’t count Matrix 2 and 3 lol.

  • Captain America comes out October 25. I will re-watch it to see if I change it to a four. But I doubt it. I think overall I think they tried to do too much in the movie (Kind of ending WW2…kind of). So obviously there is a lot of the middle that was rushed to make room for it.

    The middle being rushed also allows for another movie to go in it. But knowing how it would end (with The Avengers coming up) I knew the woman character was pointless. So I don’t tend to care for love interests that don’t matter by the end of the movie. It is weird I know. Maybe they will change my mind later with The Avengers, but until then I can’t see the point.

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