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Nov 09

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) is not a movie I was jumping in my car to see. I mean, just look at the title. You don’t have to know anything about it to realize how much of an indie movie it must be, and how many hipsters must have died to make the production. …

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Oct 16

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

This year was a big year for Wonder Woman. She had her DC film debut, as the first solo female superhero film in some time (Never forget, Catwoman and Elektra). She broke some records in terms of profit, and easily, she is the best of the current DCEU films. By a long shot. The ending …

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Aug 17

Atomic Blonde

Atomic! Blonde! Atomic Blonde! Two words that are powerful, in very different ways, and together make something…about the sum of their parts. It is a new action mostly film, with promises of sleek designs and fights, with a banging sound and wall to wall fun. It is also being noted as female John Wick, or …

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Jul 12

Tour De Pharmacy

A couple years ago, I saw an ad for 7 Days in Hell while using HBO and I was instantly drawn in. I had to watch that movie RIGHT AWAY and review it ASAP. It looked magicial, and really, it was. I didn’t know it was so short, only 40 minutes. I didn’t know it …

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Jul 07

The Little Hours

Finally the talk of the summer is here. People have had 7/7/17 circled on their calendar, just waiting for the movie that everyone everywhere has wanted. No not goddamn Spider-man. I’m talking about The Little Hours? Oh you haven’t heard about The Little Hours? My bad! Surprisingly very little advertising, but it was directed by …

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Jul 06


Look, it is July, and here is a review of a foreign movie! Usually these reviews happen really late or really early in the year, and usually for award reasons. It is hard for me to go out of my way normally, unless something really captivates me, or I hear good things, or I am …

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Jun 21


Havenhurst came about on my radar because, like at least 50 reviews on this website, my flashdrive was left at home and I needed something. But I will admit I liked the name. It could technically be considered a calming or warm sounding place, but at the same time, the opposite of all that. It …

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May 19


The show Chuck had a magnificent run of five seasons. It is incredible, because it had piss poor live ratings, despite a thriving fan community. It was a nerdy action comedy, a genre that doesn’t get a whole lot of love, especially on the TV. I am glad it didn’t end too soon, but it …

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Apr 21

The Lost City of Z

Two main things popped in my brain while prepping for and watching The Lost City of Z. First of all, cool title, really exciting, went in without looking up a trailer or description. The first thing I realized? This was not a zombie movie. Sorry, a Z on its own just kind of screams that …

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Mar 30

The Assignment

To start things off, I am not sure what this movie is actually called. I am decently sure at the time of this review being written, it was called The Assignment. Which yes, sounds like a sexy college film. But before it was called Re-Assigment. And it might be changing to Tomboy, it is really …

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