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Feb 24

Get Out

For most films I try to avoid the trailers and ads and just go in blind. For Get Out, I did see the opening trailer, and I did feel like I understood a lot about the film, things I would have liked to not guess on. Going into the film, I had my whole theory …

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Oct 06


I am happy to say that I was able to go into Sicario with a blind eye. I knew nothing about the plot and I was happy about that fact. Hell, when I first saw the cover and name, I just assumed it was some random horror film. But what I was unable to avoid …

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Aug 20

Kick-Ass 2

Author Note: This review has been censored by the Author himself for hilarity sake, not any entity running this review. Kick-[Butt] 2 is the sequel to Kick-[Bottom], that much is obvious. What is not obvious is why Jim Carrey started acted strangely this summer, so I think we should discuss it first. In June, he tweeted that he could not …

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