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Aug 11

The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature

Alright, this is an easy introduction. The Nut Job sucked. It came out January, 2014, made an okay money and a sequel was announced for January 15, 2016. Months before that date I noticed it and waited, because I was ready for an equally shitty movie that is easy to trash. And then January happened, …

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Jul 08

The Secret Life Of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets is just one of those animated movies coming out this year that I gave absolutely, positively, no fucks about. There are animated movies all the time and all of them are competing to be the best. I wasn’t apathetic because it wasn’t Disney or Pixar. I like a lot of …

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Nov 26

Delivery Man

I have failed the movie going public tonight. Tonight I have seen Delivery Man, but I did not watch Starbuck, the foreign movie that this one is based on. It isn’t super foreign, because it is set in Canada, but it is the French part of Canada. Plus, the director and writer of Starbuck made …

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Jan 22

Mystery Team

Mystery Team I have been waiting for awhile to watch, so as soon as I found it reasonably priced, I pounced on that shit and watched it right away. Despite the picture, this movie is not about child predators. The mystery team consists of Donald Glover, the master of disguise, D.C Pierson, the brains (or …

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