Suburban Girl

Before you get all pumped up, no Suburban Girl is not some crazy return of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

She is still stuck doing weird shows. Because this movie came out in 2007, and thus is now super old. But then again, if Jennifer Love Hewitt can make a come back through shows, why not SMG?!

Well, not if she tries to do it through her crazy eyes.

Brett (Gellar) is a new york book editor! What a job! Except she has no confidence in her job, doesn’t work for the best firm, and her boss/mentor just got fired and replaced by Faye Falkner (Vanessa Branch), a super lame boss. She makes her do weird things. And she just wants to be a big time editor, not an associate. But you know, she edits in pencil. Who does that?!

She eventually meets Archie Knox (Alec Baldwin) a famous editor, who everyone loves, and is totally single. He is a bit older too. Just a little bit. He knew her aunt, who used to be an editor too. Either way, she kind of likes him a lot, and breaks up with her boyfriend because he is immature (Chris Carmack).

At the same time, her relationship with her father (James Naughton) is a weird one. She goes to him for advice a lot, and generally he stays out of her affairs. Turns out he also has cancer, and she was the last to know after her brother (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) because they figured she couldn’t handle it.

Either way, the story is about how SMG might gain confidence, by sexing up someone way older, who totally patronizes her while teaching at the same time. Totally worth it right. Maybe its real love. Maybe he is just an alcohol.

Tru wuv
Could be both, from this picture.

Real talk time. This film was a bore. Didn’t really laugh. Didn’t really care. I enjoyed one scene, ONE SCENE. Where Baldwin and Gellar were fighting early on, and he corrected her grammar in the middle of it. Editor fights. Good stuff. But that was it. Baldwin felt a bit boring, Gellar wasn’t too relatable to me, and everyone else really didn’t matter.

Lots of book talk. Lots of skippable moments.

1 out of 4.

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