Fantastic Mr. Fox

Damn it, Wes Anderson. I liked one of your movies. Are you happy now?

Oh you want more? Well, one thing that makes this film different is that it is stop animation, not live action. Because live action movies about foxes couldn’t be fantastic, like Mr. Fox is. It is quirky and lead by the great George Clooney, who seems to only be in more politically driven movies these days. Nothing wrong with it, but I want my George from O Brother and Men Who Stare at Goats. With that crazy whimsical look in his eyes. Not caring about the government. Leave that to Sean Penn.

Sean Penn Face
I assure you he is not looking at a goat right now.

But the story is based off of a kids book, and does it give it justice! Probably more justice than the book. The story is so interesting, of a fox who cant stop robbing farmers, and coming out of retirement to try the biggest robbery in his life. Okay, so it has some Ocean’s Eleven element to it too. Damn it George, come back! It is hard to explain how good this movie. Thankfully the rating says what you should do. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Mr Fox Eyes
Damn it, he even has those crazy whimsical eyes as a fox.

4 out of 4.


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