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Sep 19


What a month for horror. And to think it is September, not October. It came out a two weekends ago and is smashing September box office records, which just means that people love being scared by clowns or feel nostalgia from the previous TV adaption. But then we get mother! just a week later. Which …

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Sep 18

The Family

I was really excited for The Family, I really was. Luc Beeson, who gave us Leon: The Professional and The Fifth Element, was directing this movie, and Martin Scorsese was the executive producer. If anyone knows mob movies, it is Scorsese. An all star cast, the only person really missing from it was Ray Liotta. What could go wrong? Nothing could …

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Dec 31

New Year’s Eve

Haha! Ha ha ha! See what I did there? [Future readers will note the posting date]. Because of the really fucking large cast of New Year’s Eve, I decided that all of my tags will not list the actor name in parenthesis like normal, just tag the character. You can see the name if you …

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Aug 06

People Like Us

People Like Us is a movie that actually went to theaters, but I never really heard of it. Heck, still in theaters. I only knew about it because I saw a preview for it in WTEWYE, and was like “Hey, I’ll watch that!” You know. Because I will watch anything. The cast didn’t hurt the …

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Aug 05

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows!…Did anyone go see this film in theaters? I mean really? I don’t think I heard a single person thinking “Yes! Time to watch a remake of a 60s Soap Opera!” Not saying that it was a bad decision to turn Dark Shadows into a movie. First off, I’ve actually seen that show. Like, …

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