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Aug 02

Table 19

Ah, Anna Kendrick. She had six movies come out in 2016, and I was disappointed in the five I saw. I am sad to say The Hollars, which looks great, I still haven’t gotten around to. I used to love Anna Kendrick, since I saw her in Rocket Science and Up In The Air. But …

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Mar 30

The Boss Baby

Honestly, I didn’t think I would watch The Boss Baby until at least this summer when it was out on Redbox to rent. When I first heard about the film with a poster, I just hoped and assumed it was a joke. Then a teaser trailer and a real trailer happened. Then advertising in a …

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Nov 15

The Other Woman

The Other Woman? Yes. This movie is the unofficial sequel to The Other Man. And by unofficial, I mean not at all related. It still deals with people cheating though, so don’t worry. “Yay infidelity!” Natalie Portman stars in this movie as the other woman. Yes! She meets a guy at the law firm, they …

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Oct 07

Paper Man

Paper Man Pedobear

Paper Man is a pretty weird movie. That becomes obvious if you have seen the cover. Let me help you. Ryan Reynolds as a super hero maybe? (Is he called Paper Man? (Nope, Captain Excellent)) Jeff Daniels, not being in Dumb and Dumber? Lisa Kudrow, not in Friends? And wait, EMMA STONE? SHE IS IN …

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