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Sep 19


What a month for horror. And to think it is September, not October. It came out a two weekends ago and is smashing September box office records, which just means that people love being scared by clowns or feel nostalgia from the previous TV adaption. But then we get mother! just a week later. Which …

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Jun 29

Despicable Me 3

Oh my damn. Here we go. A continuation of a bad franchise, hitting its trilogy mark after an equally bad spinoff. Does that sound familiar? This summer is Deja Vu-ing. I will be honest when I went in with the lowest of expectations with Despicable Me 3. I mean, how could it get worse? It …

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Aug 22

Sausage Party

I wanted to see Sausage Party, I honestly did. I loved the first trailer, avoided all other spoilers, and wrote it on my calendar. But then real life made me miss it and I had to wait weeks to see it. Having kids doesn’t help. But I didn’t mean to see Sausage Party for today’s …

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Jul 14


Let’s get one thing straight. No one will take this review seriously. No one can take any review for Ghostbusters seriously. For the last 1-2 years, this film has been dragged through the mud of the internet. From director, to casting choices, to posters, to trailers. Everything has been heavily scrutinized and a lot of …

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Feb 15

Zoolander 2

Zoolander Zoolander Zoolander! Fifteen years ish ago, I remember being a young impressionable teenager watching it for the first time. I laughed so much, so long. I quoted it so far for the rest of my life. It is probably one of my favorite comedies of all time and I am always in the mood …

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Feb 08

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Growing up, I never really felt like a girl. No, I didn’t skip from toddler to womanhood. I am just a dude. But still, I don’t know what it feels like to be a girl. I never found someones diary and betrayed their trust by reading about their deepest and darkest secrets. Except for Anne …

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Oct 02

The Martian

Everyone knows that James Cameron really loves the ocean. He is stupid rich and just wants to conquer it. In some ways, I am starting to think that Matt Damon is like a James Cameron-lite. He doesn’t like water, but he is starting to love the shit out of outer space. Three films in three …

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Aug 03

Welcome To Me

If there is one thing I like talking about on this website, it is me. Yes, movies too, sure, whatever. But I am far more important, because a review has to give his/her thoughts on the movie, and knowing how they felt on previous films of that nature is the only way to know if …

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Jun 24

A Deadly Adoption

Although the circumstances are quite rare, every once in awhile I review a made for TV movie. The last few I did include Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story and Liz & Dick. The former I did as an accident, as I actually thought it was a documentary going into it. The latter I did …

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Dec 29

The Skeleton Twins

The Skeleton Twins is a dreary sounding title, if any. The last thing a lot of people want to think about is decayed bodies, and knowing that the decayed body has a copy out there is creepy. But what do I know. For all I know, the movie is titled that because the leads are …

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