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Aug 11

The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature

Alright, this is an easy introduction. The Nut Job sucked. It came out January, 2014, made an okay money and a sequel was announced for January 15, 2016. Months before that date I noticed it and waited, because I was ready for an equally shitty movie that is easy to trash. And then January happened, …

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May 23

One For The Money

I have avoided watching One For The Money for a long time. It came out in theaters before I went to them for every movie, but out on DVD after I left Blockbuster and before I needed more DVD filler. But there it always was, on a rental shelf looking at me, begging to be …

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Jan 21

The Nut Job

The Nut Job has the honor of being the first animated movie of 2014, which also means it is both the worst and best animated movie of 2014 so far. Bask in that position while you can, The Nut Job, because your time on top will fall. It will cascade downward into oblivion, becoming worse …

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Dec 07


Clearly, it took me a long, long time to watch Killers. Like three years is forever in movie years. But why? Well, the trailers made it look super un-interesting. So that is a downer. Second, it stars That guy who I only liked in One Movie. (But to be fair, I tend to dislike most …

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Apr 30

The Big Wedding

The Big Wedding. Oh goodness me. The trailer tells the story pretty clear. The filmmakers are a bunch of racists. What? How did I get that out of the trailer? Well, the plot is about a family who adopted a kid, who is finally about to get married. His mom is coming to visit, but …

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Dec 31

New Year’s Eve

Haha! Ha ha ha! See what I did there? [Future readers will note the posting date]. Because of the really fucking large cast of New Year’s Eve, I decided that all of my tags will not list the actor name in parenthesis like normal, just tag the character. You can see the name if you …

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Feb 28


Caffeine is now my oldest review (outside of Cars, but that was a special occasion. That message NEEDED to be said). But man, 2006? I didn’t know! I assumed it was 2007, I promise. Don’t freak out. It won’t happen again. This is a normal food service industry like movie. Except instead of just the …

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Feb 08

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth About Cats and [Slum]Dog Million Dollar Baby Geniuses. Sorry, I just meant to write the review title, but it just kept flowing. What do those movies even have in common? Practically nothing. What a nonsensical intro! Oh! Like how every RomCom is nonsensical in that these attractive women apparently have such crazy …

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Dec 06

Life As We Know It

If you ever saw a preview of Life As We Know It, you probably assumed it was the “unofficial sequel” to Knocked Up. Even has the same main chick in Katherine Heigl. But instead of the story of the accidental pregnancy to birth, we instead get the first few years post birth. Done and done. …

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