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Aug 06


In 2014, Gillian Robespierre directed a small indie film called Obvious Child, starring Jenny Slate. And it frankly was the best thing Slate has ever done. She is in a lot of kid movies weirdly enough, along with voice roles, so those rarely are anything noteworthy. And then on the other end of the spectrum, …

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Dec 15

The Ridiculous 6

How many movies does Adam Sandler do in a year? Usually one right? Maybe two? Well this year, he stars in three different movies. The Cobbler, Pixels, and now The Ridiculous 6. Sure he is getting older, but those private yachts aren’t going to pay for themselves. And as he does more and more films, …

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Dec 24

Exodus: Gods and Kings

I think we are finally done with them. The ones I talked about a lot earlier in the year. You know, The Jesus Movies. We had Noah. We had God’s Not Dead. We had Heaven Is For Real. We had the Son Of God. And now we finally have Exodus: Gods And Kings. Obviously, this …

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Dec 29

Margot At The Wedding

The reason I bought Margot At The Wedding for a dollar is because I recognized the people in it. The reason I finally watched it was because someone else chose it for me from my list of unwatched movies. But the reason I was actually looking forward to it was because of the director/writer Noah …

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Oct 28

Cars 2

Hooray! The long awaited sequel to Cars is Cars 2! And by long awaited, I mean both never expected in 2006 and also, since a couple days ago, when I reviewed Cars. I say this in an exaggerated way obviously, but Cars 2 is nothing like Cars. Sure, both of them are still in some …

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