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Jul 17


This is part of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Week at Gorgon Reviews! Look, I am a big fan of all of these classic board games being turned into movies. Clue is the golden standard, and that was over thirty years ago. So why not a movie about the board game Life? The good news about Life …

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Jul 04


I didn’t know a whole lot about Okja going in, but I did see a few posters and just knew, just knew, I had to see it. Like, as soon as possible. I also definitely thought it was a horror film, a foreign South Korean horror film. About a beast? I don’t know, the name …

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Dec 20

Nocturnal Animals

I wasn’t able to see Nocturnal Animals before it came out, mostly due to screening conflict. But without knowing the plot of the film, I was interested in the cast alone. But given that I wanted to see it, the title did a lot of work with only two words. Nocturnal. Animals. It sounds mysterious, …

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Apr 11


I just checked my watch, and yes, it looks like we are at the point where I will just about see anything if you tell me that Jake Gyllenhaal is in it. I don’t even need to list his last few years of excellent films. But I will talk about 2015. Southpaw was divided, but …

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Sep 04


Here is a dumb question you can ask your friends and coworkers if you want them to dislike you a little bit more than they already do. “Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on Earth?” This will make them ponder and come up with some bad guess, and you can quickly …

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Jul 24


Hold up your hands. Now bend your hands back a little bit and curl your fingers. Then use this hand position to hit someone in the face, with the bottom part of your palm. That is what I thought Southpaw was before this movie. Southpaw didn’t actually teach me what a Southpaw was, I had …

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Jan 02


Nightcrawler is everyone’s favorite X-Men, right? I mean, after Wolverine, Deadpool, Magneto, Cable, Bishop, The Phoenix, Gambit, Professor X, 1990s Cartoon Rogue, Longshot, Iceman, The Juggernaut, Apocalypse, and that pterodactyl dude, right? Just kidding. Nightcrawler is pretty cool up there. Transporting around, being all blue and sneaky and shit. Give him a dagger and he …

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Sep 18


Enemies are quite annoying. Everyone probably has a few. I know I have several, including: The Morlocks, Jafar, Tropical Flavored skittles. The list just goes on and on and on. But what if your enemy was yourself? I have heard that if your enemy is yourself, it is often your worst enemy. That has got …

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Sep 23


Honestly, when I first saw the trailer for Prisoners, I wasn’t really impressed. It didn’t look like it was going to offer anything new. Sure, a torture scene. But despite the high star count, it just looked like it would be a lot of people yelling at each other, and then eventually somehow a crime …

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Sep 24

End Of Watch

End of Watch (I hate that there is no ‘the’ there) is another of those movies that I felt bombarded by trailers for. Unfortunately they only made a single trailer for this movie, so I saw the same two minutes over and over again. But from that trailer, I was definitely curious about this movie. …

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