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Jul 14

The Journey

Think about a movie called The Journey. What sort of genre would you think that movie is? Well, first, I know I would think of maybe…adventure? Yeah. Adventure. If not an adventure film, maybe a war/action movie. If not a war/action movie, then something spiritual, a religious film. If you thought historical drama, I would …

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Jan 05


What’s that? Do you hear that? Shhh, listen! That’s right, that is the sound of Silence, blistering in the wind. It is also the sound of Martin Scorsese, old and still not giving a fuck. He is making movies that he wants to make and he is making him epic. When his last film came …

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Jul 18

Elvis & Nixon

Presidents in the modern era meet with almost everyone. Celebrities, athletes, civil rights leaders, union leaders, foreign leaders, gym leaders, you name it. So it isn’t weird to see a picture of Obama hanging out with Justin Bieber. But maybe back in the day it was a bit more odd. Like, a famous picture of …

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