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Jul 14

The Journey

Think about a movie called The Journey. What sort of genre would you think that movie is? Well, first, I know I would think of maybe…adventure? Yeah. Adventure. If not an adventure film, maybe a war/action movie. If not a war/action movie, then something spiritual, a religious film. If you thought historical drama, I would …

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Jul 12

Tour De Pharmacy

A couple years ago, I saw an ad for 7 Days in Hell while using HBO and I was instantly drawn in. I had to watch that movie RIGHT AWAY and review it ASAP. It looked magicial, and really, it was. I didn’t know it was so short, only 40 minutes. I didn’t know it …

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Jan 14


Apparently Toast is actually a biography movie for Nigel Slater, which is some British food dude. I don’t think I have heard of him, but thats because I am not a food dude? Maybe someone here knows who this man is?! So mysterious. So, this goes over Nigel’s early life. When he is a kid …

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Nov 24

The Art Of Getting By

When I saw The Art of Getting By was going to star Freddie Highmore, I guffawed out loud. That kid? The one from Spiderwick Chronicles and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well, dude bro isn’t a kid anymore. Well. Kiddish. But he is a lot taller and way more mature. Or at least Emma Roberts …

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Nov 02

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Why hello Spiderwick Chronicles. Good news, there are zero spiders in this movie! Which was my biggest worry. All I knew this was some fantasy kids movie, based off some book series no one has heard about. Maybe because it only comes in giant hardback, with old pages and is bound by a spell? The …

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