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Jun 02

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Dreamworks films never reach their full potential. Or they do, and Dreamworks films just suck, outside of the two Dreamworks franchises that I don’t even have to mention at this point. They do not aim for universal appeal, they just want to get their cheap kid jokes and run. I expected to outright hate Captain …

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Oct 09


Oh hey, Vacation. A comedy series a lot of people look back with fond memories. Because it told the truth. Family vacations are terrible, but we all grin and bear it because that is just what you gotta do. It is a concept most people can related to, and with nostalgia being the strong bitch …

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Dec 05

They Came Together

Heh. Heheheheh. They Came Together. That title. Oh man. Oh boy. I’m done. I can’t even think of a good intro because of that. However, I would feel like an asshat if I didn’t first mention that this movie had already been reviewed on my website. Yah! Here is a link! Because I totally have …

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Nov 26


I am not going to get into the same old tirade of how I randomly picked this movie on a whim on Netflix. Mostly because I just gave you all that information in one sentence. Boom. Roasted. No. Instead I want to talk about how surprising it is that I never heard about this movie …

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Aug 15

We’re The Millers

Watching the trailer for We’re The Millers, it is clear that it could be hit or miss. There are moments in there that make me laugh every time I see it, and those that make me think it will be the worse film ever. I like Jason Sudeikis as a comedy actor. The problem is, he hasn’t proven himself …

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May 29

The Hangover Part III

The Hangover series is a bit of an enigma. Here is why! The original is about four men on a bachelor party in Las Vegas, where they all black out, one goes missing, and they have to retrace their steps through the wildest night of their lives before the wedding. So what’d the sequel do? The …

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Sep 12

The Lorax

I say a lot I try to make sure that movies based on books are given their own subjective look, without bringing the book into it. After all, they are different mediums. I need to judge the movie just on its movieness. But The Lorax? That shit is classic. Here is an audio version for …

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Jul 01

Jeff, Who Lives At Home

I had no idea what to expect from a movie entitled Jeff, Who Lives At Home. I don’t think I ever saw a preview for it, maybe a TV ad once or twice, just that was it. But based on the actors, I assumed some sort of Apatow level comedy. Probably about an older guy …

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May 20

Lower Learning

Lower Learning is a brand new take on the corrupt and out of control high school where the students and teachers have to fight back in order to not get closed down. And that just means it takes place in an elementary school instead. Mad Libs is also instant entertainment. Jason Biggs is a vice …

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Dec 04

The Hangover Part II

The Hangover, critically, was one of the higher rated comedies by critics for a long time. So much that people would continue to compare all new comedies to it and think the other comedies are “lame” if they are too similar. I even heard someone say that Horrible Bosses was too similar to it, just …

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