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Jun 05


I believe I told my wife that I wanted to watch Mindhorn on Netflix for a review. Her response was something similar to “What the fuck is Mindhorn?” And of course I gave her the netflix description of it, and she said “That sounds fucking stupid.” Yes, yes it does. And that is of course …

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May 01


We here at Gorgon Reviews are not easily offended. Sure, I have still not seen A Serbian Film and my Human Centipede reviews are sort of my holy grails because of how much I wanted to avoid them, but language, violence, all of that is not offensive to us. That is why I can use …

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Apr 06

100 Streets

I think 100 Streets was made completely as a joke. At some point in the review, I will get into why the whole concept is pointless, or at least it is in regards to the titles. But if you have Idris Elba in a movie, you are totally not allowed to talk about streets. Quite …

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May 18


High-Rise is another movie based on a famous book that I have never heard about before. Shit, this book came out in the 1970’s. It took forty years before a movie was made about it, despite having general praise. And it wasn’t even done by America, but the UK got involved to make this bad …

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Feb 05

The Lady In The Van

Now, I am not trying to be sexist here. But let’s think about The Lady In The Van. Is it creepy? Maybe a bit. I imagine a cat lady, even though if you live in a van, you probably don’t want cats in there as well. That’d be poopy. But if this was titled The …

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Feb 02

45 Years

Surprisingly this year I am far more caught up on Oscar nominated films than the years prior. Of the major categories, I am only missing two films, Trumbo and of course 45 Years for Best Actor and Best Actress. Best Actress and Supporting Actress are almost always weaker categories for me. And so, damn it, …

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Dec 11


Forsooth! Verily! Haberdashery! These are the words I imagine to be in Shakespeare plays. A lot of crazy language that is hard for a simpleton like me to understand. Thankfully all of their plots are explained in modern English online, so you can read up ahead and just nod along during the movie/play and pretend …

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Nov 27


What makes a Legend? Is it their walk, their background, their story, their Will Smithy-ness? Or does it involve being a bad ass mofo mobster, enough that one day someone will make a movie about you? Like, Whitey, he was bad ass, and Johnny Depp played him in Black Mass. Is your Legend-ness downplayed if …

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Aug 05

Shaun the Sheep Movie

I have been told by my peers that Shaun the Sheep is a pretty popular kids television show. About a sheep! And shenanigans! Sheepanigans! So these people were excited that a movie was coming out. But much like my recent review of The Unbeatables, Shaun the Sheep Movie came out a long time ago in …

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May 05

Black Sea

Day 2 of Blackweek! Day 1 featured Blackhat, so we are going to remove our clothing and take a dive in the Black Sea instead. I’d make a corny joke about what this movie is about and act surprised when it is something different. But how could I do that? It is called Black Sea! …

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