Operation: Endgame

Ahhh, a movie with a colon in the title! Operation: Endgame! And that’s not a subtitle!

This movie has one of the most interesting covers ever. Seriously. Look at it.

operation: endgame cover
But don’t touch.

WHAT A CAST. Look at Galifianakis! Front and center? An assassin? Those other people I recognize too! How could this fail! Including Adam Scott, of Parks and Rec, and Party Down fame, and Brandon T. Jackson, or “Mr. Booty Sweat!”

Oh yeah. It can fail by not having much Zach in it. He is in a few scenes, and they are amusing. He is also feared by the rest?, but mostly because he is weird. The death scenes in this movie are pretty great/gruesome though. No guns are in the entire office building, so they are all caused by “ordinary” office objects. Stuff is very gruesome and bloody. Unfortunately some of my favorites die too early.

What is also funny is the dialogue by the men watching the video surveillance during this entire office war. They really do a good job of bringing a more comedic element to the action comedy. The plot fails though, seriously. Ending barely mattered. It was more about fighting and laughing. So I might watch it again, might not. Could go either way.

2 out of 4.

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