Terms and Conditions May Apply

While looking around for new documentaries to see, to expand my reviewed genres and such, I saw Terms and Conditions May Apply and knew that was the next one to see.

If I have to watch documentaries, I prefer them to be relevant to me in some way. Clearly this one is modern and new and exciting.

From the title alone, you can probably figure out what it is about. The private policy and terms and conditions that you need to accept to go on to websites, use them, and use their services. The ones that no one ever reads. This documentary wants to us to know the dark sinister secrets and history behind them, and what they are leading America towards.

They also talk about this random guy a lot. No idea who he is.

This documentary makes a lot of nice points. A lot of nice, probably obvious to most people, points. But it does bring about the details in a nice narrative, stemming from the Patriot Act and how it changed the internet forever.

But, the way it brought these points? That is my main dislike of the movie. Especially early on in the documentary, where they used an abundant number of cartoons, TV clips, and kind of bullshitty strategies to make their point clear. It turned me off completely to the subject, thinking the whole documentary would go that way.

Which thankfully, it didn’t. The ending was a lot more organized, based on a lot of actual interviews, news clips, and documented evidence. So that was a good change. You just have to muddle through the shitty beginning to get to some content that is worth hearing.

TL;DR – Fuck the government, stop coming at me bro.

2 out of 4.

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