Good job Flynn, showing up right when Rapunzel turns 18 and when she is DTF. Wait what?

Tongue Flynn Tangled
He learned all his moves from that Chameleon, if ya know what I’m sayin’.

“Tangled” says this chick was stolen from her kingdom after being born by an evil witch. Her hair is magical, so she is using her hair to stay young. Vain witches are vain. The sheltered bitch doesn’t understand why on her birthday all these lanterns light up the sky, but she really wants to see it. Of course vain witch says no. Thankfully, there is Flynn, the rapist! I mean thief.

Questionable Signs
I mean, it doesn’t say WHY he is wanted. You know, if you ignore the word Thief at the bottom.

So she finds a way out and goes on a wacky adventure, being chased by smart horses, other thieves, guards, and witches. I hope no one ever has any reason to use her. That would be rude.

Chuck from Chuck does the voice of Flynn, making the movie instantly better. I cant even remember the songs in it, but I know there is at least one. The academy awards taught me this. Mandy Moore is in here, and like every other movie I see her in, I have no real clue who she is. Was she a singer? Always an actress? What? Despite not a big role, we also get Hellboy as a voice actor. I feel like he never gets big roles anymore. This is a sham.

This is also very gorgeous movie, you should watch it on Blu-Ray.

3 out of 4.

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