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Oct 12

The Big Sick

Earlier this summer, if you have friends in the 20’s, you probably know of someone who was talking about The Big Sick. They would have recommended that you see it RIGHT AWAY in theaters, because hey, it is an indie movie and they need to make their money back to produce more good films! I …

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Oct 21

What If

What if I told you that sometimes movies are called different things in different countries. That wouldn’t surprise you in the slightest. You knew that. After all, it is Gojira in Japan, and Godzilla in America. “Hey that doesn’t count, that is just another different language!” Alright fucker. How about Frozen? We got the clever/unique …

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Jul 26

Ruby Sparks

I often find that when all you do is talk about movies, people tend to suggest them. Of course I will watch a movie if someone suggests it to me, but with Ruby Sparks something even stranger happened. TWO people recommended this movie to me, potentially within a few weeks apart. Well, of course I …

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