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Aug 02

Table 19

Ah, Anna Kendrick. She had six movies come out in 2016, and I was disappointed in the five I saw. I am sad to say The Hollars, which looks great, I still haven’t gotten around to. I used to love Anna Kendrick, since I saw her in Rocket Science and Up In The Air. But …

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Jun 20

Shimmer Lake

Studies have shown that reviews that feature “Lake” in the title end up being better than expected when writing said review. Of course, my only review before this was the movie Flakes, which was, I admit, better than I imagined it would be. It was quirky, off beat. Shimmer Lake, it has plenty of quirky …

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Jul 11

Everybody Wants Some!!

Despite my many claims to be in love with Richard Linklater (damn the Before trilogy, making me melt like butter), I actually haven’t seen a lot of his work. Meaning for the most part, his older work has evaded me. Yes, that includes Dazed and Confused. I know, I know. I such. And yes, it …

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Jun 17

22 Jump Street

If I told you four years ago that not only would a 21 Jump Street comedy be made, but that Jonah Hill would be involved, and they’d have a sequel called 22 Jump Street, you would have kicked me in the nuts. Then publicly shamed me for being a terrible person. You also may have …

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Oct 31

We Are What We Are

I have found the month of October to be pretty disappointing in regards to major horror releases. All we got for a wide release was the Carrie remake. There aren’t even any Paranormal Activities, because the next one got pushed back to January. Yes, I find them pretty bad now, but come on, just Carrie? …

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