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Jul 14

The Journey

Think about a movie called The Journey. What sort of genre would you think that movie is? Well, first, I know I would think of maybe…adventure? Yeah. Adventure. If not an adventure film, maybe a war/action movie. If not a war/action movie, then something spiritual, a religious film. If you thought historical drama, I would …

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Nov 20


I won’t deny it, I am writing this review like a month late. The site was down for over a month, I was busy, and honestly, I kept forgetting about the film itself. That isn’t a good way at all to start talking about the film Denial, because if I can barely remember it after …

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May 27

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Let’s take a time machine back six years ago. The world was different, because not everything was in 3D. Only a few films tried out 3D, thanks to Avatar being the cash cow and visually stunning film that it was. This is when people still thought 3D was actually kind of cool if done right. …

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Dec 30

Mr. Turner

“Hey, it is that guy!” Those were my first thoughts seeing anything about Mr. Turner. An actor who normally plays a weasel-y villain character, never really a main dude. But clearly that dude is playing the main dude in this role! And that role is Mr. Turner. Uhh, apparently some sort of guy who is …

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Jul 01

Upside Down

Upside Down hit theaters in the first half of March, but it ended up only getting limited release. I am not sure, everything about it made it seem like a movie America would go bonkers over. A nice love story, science fiction, CGI, famous people, and a decent sized budget. But due to its limited …

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