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Feb 15

Zoolander 2

Zoolander Zoolander Zoolander! Fifteen years ish ago, I remember being a young impressionable teenager watching it for the first time. I laughed so much, so long. I quoted it so far for the rest of my life. It is probably one of my favorite comedies of all time and I am always in the mood …

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Aug 04

Speed Racer

Hooray! Another fifty reviews later, I am ready to introduce my next Milstone Review: number 1150 for my website! Holy crap. If I thought 1050 was a shitty milestone, 1150 has to be way worse. But hey, fun reviews are fun. Today I decided to look at Speed Racer, which I didn’t see when it …

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Jul 07


There was not a lot of build up to Tammy compared to other recent McCarthy based films such as The Heat and Identity Thief. Those films got their trailers played over and over again, to increasingly annoying levels. Tammy? Nah. It had a strange teaser trailer a few months ago, decently funny, and then a …

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May 02

The Company You Keep

Robert Redford¬†is starring in a movie! That should be the first thing out of your mouth, seeing The Company You Keep. The other thing you will notice is it has quite a hefty list of famous actors thrown into the mix. Robert Redford doesn’t act much anymore, but when he does, he calls out all …

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Apr 30

The Big Wedding

The Big Wedding. Oh goodness me. The trailer tells the story pretty clear. The filmmakers are a bunch of racists. What? How did I get that out of the trailer? Well, the plot is about a family who adopted a kid, who is finally about to get married. His mom is coming to visit, but …

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Feb 27


Dwayne Johnson has a movie a month for the next few months. Seriously. Look it up. February, Snitch. March, GI Joe 2. April, Pain & Gain. May, Fast and the Furious 6. Holy crap, that is a lot of rocks! But what makes Snitch different? Well, in the ads for Snitch, I only saw that …

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Nov 30


Miraculously, Arbitrage is a movie that came to the theaters that I had the pleasure of never hearing about before. Seriously. It was just a giant surprise. “What the fuck is Arbitrage?” I thought to myself, and probably what you are thinking as well. Needless to say, I was stoked. It has been a long …

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Nov 09

Cloud Atlas

And then there is Cloud Atlas. What? Don’t like that I kind of just started this review mid thought? Well get used to it, if you want to watch Cloud Atlas. Featuring an all star cast, this movie takes place over time and space, to tell a simple message. And by simple message, I mean …

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Jul 25



I love it. This is another example of one of those “Hey look, I know some actors in this. Let’s watch it”. I mean, Peacock? That is vague, so who knows. But this movie went places. Scary and odd places. But not bird places. Just the film takes place in (fictional?) Peacock, Nebraska. Definitely nothing …

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Jul 01

Jeff, Who Lives At Home

I had no idea what to expect from a movie entitled Jeff, Who Lives At Home. I don’t think I ever saw a preview for it, maybe a TV ad once or twice, just that was it. But based on the actors, I assumed some sort of Apatow level comedy. Probably about an older guy …

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