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Aug 02

Table 19

Ah, Anna Kendrick. She had six movies come out in 2016, and I was disappointed in the five I saw. I am sad to say The Hollars, which looks great, I still haven’t gotten around to. I used to love Anna Kendrick, since I saw her in Rocket Science and Up In The Air. But …

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Feb 17


I am quite weary over Wolverine solo films at this point. The first one was utter crap, and The Wolverine was just regular crap. That’s right, neither of them were good. And honestly, words like Hugh Jackman retiring from the role don’t mean a lot to me either. Actors have said that in the past …

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Jan 30

Movie 43

The thing I love most about Movie 43 is how easy it will be to review. I mean, part of the point is not knowing much about the movie ahead of time before you see it. So I don’t have describe all the skits, just the main plot that tries to hold it all together. …

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Feb 09

Tooth Fairy

Pitch for this movie: “You know how we like to have former wrestlers, or action people, do emasculating things for our entertainment! Well what about a Tutu?! But not a Ballerina…a Tooth Fairy maybe!” Surprised actually that the whole movie isn’t just him dancing in this. For 90 minutes. Dwayne Johnson plays a hockey player. …

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