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Feb 10

Fifty Shades Darker

Two years ago, we were finally given Fifty Shades of Grey. After years of anticipation. And we were given an R rated film that wasn’t as intense as the book, when all we wanted was an NC-17 penis showing flick. It was bad, but it could have been worse. And strangely enough, the parody, Fifty …

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May 16

The Nice Guys

Nice guys have gotten a lot of bad press lately. And that is because of the “nice guys” trying to take advantage of women by befriending them and expecting sex and berating them and being not nice people. So calling someone a nice guy is a pretty big insult. And The Nice Guys movie happens …

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Dec 31

Grudge Match

Every year on the Christmas releases, there tries to be that who gives a fuck “family”-ish film. Last year it was Parental Guidance. A movie that everyone can enjoy without thinking much. Unfortunately for this year, two movies tend to fit the family genre, with one of them clearly leagues above the other. Sure, The …

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