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Sep 20


The story of It affected my childhood, without ever seeing it. I recognized it as a scary movie with a clown based on its advertising. But I heard other things about the miniseries. First, that it was an incredibly long movie! It had TWO VHS tapes, and I didn’t know it was made for TV …

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Apr 12

Midnight Special

Quick, it’s midnight, what do you do? I tell you what I do. I sleep. But for some people midnight is something special. And yes this poor intro was just a way to say the title Midnight Special, but it isn’t going to well. Before the film, I knew nothing about it outside of the …

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Dec 26

St. Vincent

Day after Christmas, and you know what that means… Boxing Day! The day I don’t pretend to understand but could easily look up. I think it involves even better shopping deals and when people presumably box up their trees for the trash or the attic. Screw that though, let’s say it is about some secret …

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