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Feb 21


Results, aka one of he many films I would have never known to exist if not for the Spirit Awards. Except unlike a lot of Spirit Award films, I was actually a bit excited to watch this one. I knew the main members of the cast! Hooray for familiarity! New things scare me. It was …

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May 07

Black Friday

Alright, I am kind of cheating here. Day 4 of Blackweek means documentary day, and well the documentary day is always the hardest to fit the theme. And I clearly reviewed Blackfish about two years early because it was the perfect fit for this moment. And a documentary about The Black Panthers isn’t out yet. …

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Nov 17

The Babadook

Despite Halloween being a thing weeks ago, horror movies are still coming out and existing. I gave horror movies a whole week! What gives? Apparently I have to see horror movies outside of October too, which is dumb. Wouldn’t it be nice if every month had a genre theme? December would be my favorite month, …

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Sep 24

Happy Christmas

Shit. I should have saved this movie for actual Christmas. Jeez. What is wrong with me? I blew it, clearly. Happy Christmas is an indie movie, so of course it makes sense to come out on July 25th, which I guess is the “Christmas In July” day, but I don’t get that concept at all. …

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Sep 18


Enemies are quite annoying. Everyone probably has a few. I know I have several, including: The Morlocks, Jafar, Tropical Flavored skittles. The list just goes on and on and on. But what if your enemy was yourself? I have heard that if your enemy is yourself, it is often your worst enemy. That has got …

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Jul 23

Under The Skin

Under The Skin is a movie that was on a lot of people’s radars. Why? Well, because a lot of people are perverts. Because the main star of the movie is naked in this movie, and arguably a lot of people have wanted to see that. First time ever, and to those who wanted to …

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Jun 16

Obvious Child

I knew something was up when I went to my screening of Obvious Child. Two things were of note. One, I was invited to a free screening of a film, that technically was already released in theaters the week before. Most of the time free screenings are before they are out, to build hype and …

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Feb 05

Best Man Down

I can’t remember which movie it was, but I only know about Best Man Down by watching some other shitty indie movie. It was a trailer before it (because some times I am too lazy to skip them) and the plot just seemed really intriguing to me. I was even more surprised to find that …

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Dec 24

Touchy Feely

Actor names can be hard to remember. In particular, Ellen Page is somehow a name that can constantly leave my memory. She is just Juno to me. Why would she dare have a different name than Juno? I have talked before about watching a movie, thinking Ellen Page was in it, and then bam, its …

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Jul 13

All Superheroes Must Die

Honestly, I don’t know the real name of this movie. Sure, All Superheroes Must Die is the title on the cover. But IMDB really, really, really wants it to be called Vs. Who knows why. Maybe IMDB doesn’t want to let the title go. Maybe it has special value in that title, and just can’t …

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