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Jul 14

The Journey

Think about a movie called The Journey. What sort of genre would you think that movie is? Well, first, I know I would think of maybe…adventure? Yeah. Adventure. If not an adventure film, maybe a war/action movie. If not a war/action movie, then something spiritual, a religious film. If you thought historical drama, I would …

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Jan 15

Norm of the North

Norm of the North? What in the flip is Norm of the North? What? You didn’t hear about the Lionsgate animated film coming out mid January? What? Did you also not hear about Strange Magic last year around the same time, which ended up as my #2 Worst Movie of 2015? Norm of the North …

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Jul 09

One Chance

Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for. A comedy biopic about the life of Paul Potts! What? You don’t know who Paul Potts is? I mean, come on, he is… uhh. Shit. I never heard of him either. This is a real story? I just thought it was a comedy about a guy wanting …

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