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Aug 02

Table 19

Ah, Anna Kendrick. She had six movies come out in 2016, and I was disappointed in the five I saw. I am sad to say The Hollars, which looks great, I still haven’t gotten around to. I used to love Anna Kendrick, since I saw her in Rocket Science and Up In The Air. But …

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Sep 07

The Age of Adaline

I am coming into The Age of Adaline a few months after it hit theaters. This really means that I cannot in good conscious make any jokes about a crossover movie of Avengers: Age of Ultron and this one, which came out roughly around the same time. That would be silly. So instead I will …

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Jan 21

The Identical

The Identical actually came to theaters first week of September, and, from what I can remember, it was the only thing to come out that whole week. Yet I didn’t see it til its DVD Release. Why? Well. It didn’t have any pre-screenings at all, around the country. Popular movies have pre-screenings. Movies that end …

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Feb 28

Sisters & Brothers

Man, I hate this movie, so it is going to be a short review. Why did I watch Sisters & Brothers? Well, one obvious reason. Cory Monteith was on the cover, the former male lead of Glee who died ODing on Heroin. I never did anything to acknowledge his death, having only seen him in …

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Jan 18

Charlie St. Cloud

Back by popular demand, we have more Zac Efron! I am also right now confused, because I thought he was supposed to star in the new Footloose. Now I realize why the cool kids didn’t laugh at my jokes. Shiiiiiiit. After three High School Musicals and one Hairspray, he didn’t want to be type-casted. Huh. …

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Nov 22

Sex Drive

Yeahhhhhhhhh Sexytime! Pink Robe? Check. Redneck? Check. Mexican Donut? Double Check! Sex Drive was a teen road trip comedy coming of age story movie, that when it came out, I think I saw about one advertisement for. Like every movie, I was about to watch the unrated version of the movie, but it began quite …

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