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Jul 06


Look, it is July, and here is a review of a foreign movie! Usually these reviews happen really late or really early in the year, and usually for award reasons. It is hard for me to go out of my way normally, unless something really captivates me, or I hear good things, or I am …

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Jun 30

The Bye Bye Man

So many January films, so little time. In January, most of my reviews were of Oscar quality films, trying to catch up before the Awards ceremony of everything that would be nominated. So I missed a lot of January releases, and to be fair, a lot of them didn’t even have prescreenings. The Bye Bye …

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Jun 29

Despicable Me 3

Oh my damn. Here we go. A continuation of a bad franchise, hitting its trilogy mark after an equally bad spinoff. Does that sound familiar? This summer is Deja Vu-ing. I will be honest when I went in with the lowest of expectations with Despicable Me 3. I mean, how could it get worse? It …

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Jun 26

War For The Planet of the Apes

The “of the Planet of the Apes” films have been met with some pretty critical acclaim in the last few years, especially after the rebooted Planet of the Apes film was so dismal. And hey, for Rise? I totally agree. An amazing film, great acting and a plot that made me cheer for Apes instead …

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Jun 21


Havenhurst came about on my radar because, like at least 50 reviews on this website, my flashdrive was left at home and I needed something. But I will admit I liked the name. It could technically be considered a calming or warm sounding place, but at the same time, the opposite of all that. It …

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Jun 19

The Space Between Us

When did The Space Between Us come out? Shit, I don’t remember. This year maybe, or last year and I am super far behind. [Editor’s Note: It was this year! First week in February, I am not super far behind!] I think I received an invite to this one, but a better looking movie was …

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Jun 16

Monster Trucks

When the first trailer for Monster Trucks hit the scene, the internet latched onto it and immediately made it feel bad for existing. I was a bit excited. Yeah, it could have been a shitty kids movie. It could have been made as a concept just to sell toys. The fact that it came out …

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Jun 13

Deidra & Laney Rob A Train

Finally, I am getting into some obscure titles that a lot of people probably have missed out on. Oh, I skipped a lot of non-obscure titles to get here, but those were at my home, this was on my phone in a parking lot. Deidra & Laney Rob A Train is not too long of …

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Jun 07

Everything, Everything

Everything? Like, Everything, Everything? Like the whole world? This movie seems to cover a pretty large range of subjects. And to think it is mainly supposed to be a teenage drama romance that is based on a book! We get these yearly by now, or at least a few times a year. Gotta get those …

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May 30


Never watched Baywatch, never watched Baywatch Nights, but I understand the appeal of it all. Womens, womens, and David Hasselhoff. Sure, good. And then they said they would do a movie reboot of Baywatch, decades later. My initial thoughts: FUCK YES! But why? Well, history has shown to me that taking a serious show and …

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