My first NC-17 review! Oh man guys, oh man.

I obviously knew the rating before going in. Only reason I really heard of Shame was because of a lot of uproar over being ignored by the Academy for awards (because for some reason people seem to care about them). A lot of people say it is because the Academy is bunch of Prudes!

I can’t really speak to that. But I will let this gif explain one of my thoughts early on in the movie.

It’s even funnier in reverse.

Shame is about sex, and a guy who is addicted to sex. That guy being Michael Fassbender, or as you may remember him, Magneto from X-Men: First Class. On the surface, he just seems like a normal successful business man in New York City. But socially he just seems mysterious.

When he goes out to the club with his married boss (James Badge Dale), without even trying he successfully ends up with the woman his boss was chasing. Dude has “talent”. We find out later his longest relationship was four months long, because he had decided to give it a “shot”. When he returns to his apartment one day he finds that someone else is no only inside, but SHOWERING in his shower. He rushes in with a bat to find a very naked Carey Mulligan (main character in Never Let Me Go!), his sister, and remembers he did give her a key after all.

She is going to be in town for the next few days, much to his dismay. He seems to be upset with her for whatever reason, finding plenty of reasons to yell at her throughout the movie (but perhaps the most acceptable reason is her having sex with his boss on his bed).

Fassbender also goes on a date with one of his coworkers (Nicole Beharie) and miraculously, at the end of the night nothing happens. But when they attempt to hook up the next day, he finds himself lacking in that department for whatever reason. Right after (the SHAMEful encounter) he does get it on with a random prostitute though. Hmm.

The relationship between his sister and him get more violent, as his addiction gets more and more prevelant. Cam websites, gay night clubs, ménage à trois, and more. While his path to self destruction is more an implosion and self contained, at the same time, his much more emotional sister is more vocal about the problems that they face, and exploding at an even higher rate.

I think I made that movie sound a lot more epic with that last paragraph. Success!

How good was this movie? So good. It felt incredibly real, in the good way. The high rating is due to the plentiful amount of scenes, and the realistic way most of them were done. For a few reasons.

It was obviously an overly adult subject matter, but it also left a lot to be implied. I think it implies that in their youth, the main characters were probably in an abusive household, that only the two of them really can relate to, which explains why the sister continually insists that they have to keep in touch, and why they don’t talk to their family. I’d say there is also room to suggest that from the abuse, they might have been in an incestuous relationship at one point, but…that one is trickier.

I was very scared one scene where it seemed Fassbender almost came to blows with his sister (while naked!), thinking I was about to see “incest”. But don’t worry guys, not in this film at least.

Other fucked up shit happens instead.

Yes. The acting in the movie is great, and the plot, just not sure how often I’d want to see this movie. Definitely a once every few years type of film.

3 out of 4.

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