Max Payne

The general rule of thumb is that movies based off of video games are bad. It is very hard to think of a good example. Technically Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children can count, but that isn’t live action. The only reason I like DOA: Dead or Alive is because its funny (to make fun of or watch with others).

So the stakes for Max Payne to be an awesome movie aren’t looking good, before even popping the DVD/Blu-Ray in.

Is he looking at the camera, not where he is shooting?

Max Payne stars Mark Wahlberg as the title character. Dude is a cop. His wife and child were killed. That pisses him off. Rightfully so. So he spends the next few years trying to find the killer. Once he does? He is going to give him maximum amounts of pain.

Also there is Mila Kunis as someone called Mona Sax. What a yucky name!

This movie is a disaster. Kind of CGI heavy, and I guess going for a noir-y feel. The plot is very hard to discern, actually. Was a very messy movie in that regards. Just know its a tale about vengeance, and you will get the overall message.

That guns are all you need to be successful!

Seriously though. I know it sounds like I made up my mind before watching, but this movie was dreadful. Acting was shit, plot was shit, action wasn’t interesting, bad special effects. I don’t know the plot of the Max Payne games, but if the plot is at all similar, I can understand how it would work as a game. Just not a movie. Please skip this trash.

0 out of 4.

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