Max knows what it wants and it knows how it is going to get it. It wants that American Sniper money. That patriot surge to go to the theaters and see an war hero dog, while also bringing in the pet owner crowd.

A nice strategy of course. After all, a cute dog could totally replace Bradley Cooper in many movies, and no one would really complain.

Especially one as patriotic and cute as this little guy.

Max is a dog, serving in Afghanistan. His job is to sniff our ammunition and bad people, so that the American good guys can go in, and safely get the stuff out of these villages, without harassment, interrogation, or accidental bullet spray. Max is very sad when his human, Kyle (Robbie Amell) dies in a fight that he totally tried to save him from. Now he is all crazy and barky and won’t take orders from anyone.

Luckily, Max gets to go to his funeral service, where he does sad dog things and meets the human’s family. The dad (Thomas Haden Church), the mom (Lauren Graham), and the younger brother Justin (Josh Wiggins). Max tolerates Justin, because he is a lot like his brother. Only in the DNA department. Kyle was brave and a soldier. Justin plays video games, rdes his bike, and doesn’t care. Yuck!

Max should try to help Justin, once the family helps Max out. After all, Max won’t take orders and will be put down unless they take him in. Given that Max is the last real memory of Kyle, of course they do, even though Justin is all meh!

Maybe Max will teach the family how to love again. Maybe Max will teach Justin how to talk to girls (Mia Xitlali). Maybe Max will help solve a ludicrous plot line about missing military equipment, the Mexican Cartel, and traitors. Hah. That’d be ridiculous and out of no where, no way that happens.

Also featuring Dejon LaQuake, Jay Hernandez, Joseph Julian Soria, Luke Kleintank, and Owen Harn.

Fuckin’ ‘Merica.

As you can all read sarcasm on the internet, by now you realize that yes, there is also a big plot about stolen military weapons and the Mexican Cartel. But also a story about a dog bringing a family together.

This took me completely out of the movie and I sat in the theater shaking my head in disbelief. It went from bad to worse but kept going and going. Every single aspect of that plot line is terrible. Literally no redeeming quality. I didn’t even get a nice cry at the end like I expected, watching a dog movie. No, my only cry came early on, with the dog sad that its human has died.

I can’t say a single actual human acted well in this movie. It was awkward seeing Graham be a Jesus Loving Texas woman, who didn’t have a great role in the film. I love some good facial hair, but Church was a walking stereotype mustache and it was entirely overdone. They made the kid a bad stereotype of a gamer too, and didn’t know what to do with his angsty teen self. It goes without saying that the best acting in the movie came from the dog.

I also need to reiterate again: the entire main plot line was terrible. Head. In. Palm. Max could have been a touching and amazing movie, but by forcing this terrible plot on the viewers, it turned it into a cringeworthy bad action movie, where all realism was thrown out of the window into a fire.

That’s right. Into a fire.

1 out of 4.

Buy It! – This movie is available now on {Blu-Ray} and {DVD}.

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