Hot Girls Wanted

It is hard to be a girl. People don’t let you drive late at night. Being some sort of freak, where people all sit and stare with their eyes. You know, being a girl, all pretty and petite. And people won’t let you have any rights.

And other lyrics from Just A Girl, where I get all my go to info on what it is like girl-ing.

Hot Girls Wanted is an interesting title because it can be read in many different ways. There is the “Oh shit, is that person trying to buy attractive women?” way. There is the obvious statement of “Of course hot girls are wanted, no shit sherlock.” And there is the “Wait, why did they say girls? That’s creepy.”

And I guess the answer for this documentary is basically yes to all of that.

One of the riskiest google searches for pics for this movie in recent history.

This movie is about the amateur porn business! Thanks to the internet, there is porn in every dirty nook and cranny and they need a lot of people to do it. Apparently the “amateur porn” stuff, or entry level porn for the women involved, is all over the USA, not just California anymore (thanks to laws they have regarding condoms). Especially in Miami! Girls can find a Craigslist ad to get into porn, head on down, stay in a house with other women trying to break it into the field, and live the life of luxury!

Unless…unless the porn business isn’t as glamorous as people imagine? That wouldn’t be the point of this documentary, would it?

Well, probably. This documentary premiered at Sundance this year and is probably only famous because Rashida Jones is a producer (along with like, 15 other people).

In actuality, the film more or less talks about 4-6 porn workers. I wouldn’t call them porn stars, because they aren’t industry leading names or anything. No, these are the ladies who found ads on craigslist and are doing a shoot here or there earning a couple hundred bucks to a thousand dollars a shoot, hoping one day to lead to stardom.

And then we learn a lot about pron archetypes that are about abuse and forced situations to make everyone uncomfortable watching, and then we see what the ladies are now doing with their lives after the fact.

If there was any one real interesting part, I would say the awkwardness of one girl telling her parents and the conversations surrounding it. Yeah, that is solid docu-tainment right there. My issues with the rest of the documentary is that overall it felt kind of pointless. It tried to argue against this type of stuff, I think, but they did it through 5-6 text on screen scenes randomly put in the documentary and that was it. No porn experts, no psychologists, nothing. Just the girls in the situation over presumably a few weeks.

So all in all, Hot Girls Wanted just felt very incomplete and a little bit boring. I guess it is an okay subject to show and talk about, I just wanted something more. Some sort of analysis. Some sort of better point.

2 out of 4.

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