Brand New Day

This movie may also go by the title Bran Neu Dae, as it was released in Australia as such. Here was what I thought when watching this movie. “Whaaaaaaa?”

I knew it was kind of a musical and foreign or something. Foreign meaning Australian so I figured only fake foreign. But I should have realized that with its original title being changed to become Americanized, maybe Australia is a crazy different place?

Holy shit this was a (bad) weird movie. Most of the songs were (bad) kind of strange and (bad) felt out of place. In terms of musical, some of the songs were actually just sung by people/bands at a bar, so could have been in any movie. Cop out.

The story is of an aborigine boy who likes a girl, has to go to priest school, escapes, journeys back home with hippies, sluts, and hobos, to win back the love of his life. That sounds amazing, but it turns out to not be.

How the hell did Geoffrey Rush get in this movie? Oh he is Australian. Seriously. If you were ever going to watch this movie, I would suggest being drunk. The video below is actually the finale song of the movie, a reprise of an earlier version of the song (when he escapes from Priest school). You will see how awkward and bad it is.

1 out of 4.

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