Black Swan

Black Swan, Pretty Popular, not for me.

Okay I get it. Natalie Portman. She can be a great actress. In this movie she is supposed to play this very sheltered girl trying to get into her “Black Swan side” in order to get the big part of the ballet she has dreamed about forever. The director thinks she is too pure. She must prove him wrong! Also, she has mental problems that she never knew about. (Well, that she ignored).

That sucks. But I feel like if a person does a good portrayal of someone fucked up, then they get academy award talk and chatter. People will say I don’t get it, but there was much to get. Everything that happens in the film is easily explained, and the transformation at the end is just a metaphor. Hard work alone doesn’t deserve a great review. I need to be interested, and I failed to find this interesting.

Mila Kunis kind of bored me too. She is supposed to be the wild child in this movie. She is, definitely way more than Portman. But I just didn’t see her as a ballet dancer. Also the lesbian scene creeped me out too. I think I was supposed to be, but I am pretty sure the concept was a big reason why a lot of people went to see it.

Kunis, Portman, Oh yeahh
“Oh! Sorry I came in without knocking. Yeah…I’ll leave…right now…yeah…leaving…okay…gone.”

1 out of 4.

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  • I will say that this movie is definitely not for everyone. What I liked about the movie was the way Darren Aronofsky filmed it. The way he used color and music to set the scenes and display the emotions that natalie’s character was feeling was pretty awesome. I love most of Aronofsky’s films for that exact reason. From a visual point of view, his works are pretty amazing. I think where he fails is in his stories. I always get the feeling that he tries too hard to make his movies “enlightened” and “out-of-the-box”. This movie got a lot of press because of Natalie Portman and because Aronofsky’s last movie was The Wrestler, which btw was pretty good. In any case, back to my original point, visually stunning, great use of color and music/sound to set the scenes and help the audience delve into the lead’s increasingly crazy mind. Based on your rating scale, I’d give it a 3

  • Yeah. Definitely know that Black Swan isn’t for everyone.

    I got the moods. But man, does the story kill me. I liked The Wrestler more, Rourke was great.

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