Normally when I do a review intro, I might say a small quip about what I think the movie was about before watching. Most of the time that is a made up dumb joke, just to show that I tend to try and watch a lot movies without knowing what they are about.

But this one is true. Baghead? The cover is the picture below, four people with bags on their heads. Well, I figured that Baghead sounds a lot like Baghdad. This is probably a comedy (the front says comedy) that has a fictionalized place named Baghead, where instead of turbans, they just have bags on their heads, and people assuming they are all terrorists. A satire or something. This is actually what I determined from the cover and word comedy. But man was I way wrong.

Oh man, oh man what is the movie about?!

Dead wrong!

This indie movie is about four people wanting to make a movie. The group of them are seen at a film festival, and seem to be critiquing to themselves how bad a movie is that everyone else seemed to love. That director, Jett Garner, said he made the movie on a small budget by doing scenes with some real people who thought the events were all real and hidden cameras. Alright, cool. But they do get inspired. They should make a movie! Don’t know what kind, but the four are going to a cabin in the woods to figure that shit out.

We have the would be director Matt (Ross Partridge), his ex girlfriend Catherine (Elise Muller), his best friend Chad (Steve Zissis) and a girl that Chad likes, Michelle (Greta Gerwig).

But first, party time. Michelle has a dream that some guy with a bag on his head was stalking around the woods and trying to kill him. Matt says that is PERFECT for a movie, a dude with a bag on his head is scary, and proceeds to prove that point by scaring them. Of course the level of fear is more based on their reaction to a surprise than the fact that a bag is on his head, but still.

Chad really wants to do Michelle, but she wants to do Matt (who said he won’t go for it). Then a dude with a bag on his head enters Michelle’s bedroom, who she assumes is Matt. She is scared because he doesn’t do anything but rummage and leave. No one claims to be the one who went into her room. DUn dun dun..

What started out as a simple joke and a movie idea is turning into reality. Did she actually see him in a dream the first night, or was he in her room then? When everyone finds out that some dude is outside their house with a bag on his head, will they all freak out and panic, or you know, tell him to stop being a douche.

You scurred
Are you scared?!

Alright well, yeah. It is a horror drama thing. Definitely didn’t find anything really comedic about the movie. I also saw what was coming a mile away, and it just bugged the shit out of me how boring I found the movie. Definitely more dramatic most of the time. Very slow. Realistic, sure, but man do I not care about any of these characters.

Really not much else to say. This movie was not a good purchase on my part.

1 out of 4.

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