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Dec 07

The Emoji Movie

(Maya Rudolph, T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris) 0 out of 4.

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Nov 15

Goon: Last of the Enforcers

I. Love. Goon. I did not do a best of list of 2011, but if I did, Goon would have certainly been on in it. It was such a surprise of a film. I don’t except a lot out of hockey movies, nor do I expect a lot out of Seann William Scott films, but …

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Jan 12

Search Party

With only five reviews a week, it is hard to really get to watch those obscure weird films. Especially around Oscar time. But damn it, I sometimes have to just force a review into the schedule. Even if no one has heard of it. Even if I watch it and write it but take over …

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Jan 10

Office Christmas Party

Merry Christmas everybody! Sure, I am publishing this review of Office Christmas Party in January, but I totally saw it before Christmas, so this opening is okay. I just realized that because I already saw it late, I didn’t have to rush out a review for this film, that most people were already going to …

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Feb 11


People have been waiting years for a Deadpool movie. At least a little bit over one year. Remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you don’t, because any sane person has blocked it from their memory. But that is when we finally got a Deadpool on screen, played by Ryan Reynolds, and he was barely in …

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Nov 05

Big Hero 6

For whatever reason, I know a lot of people who were upset when Disney bought Marvel Studios. They thought it was the end of the good stuff. They thought only bad could come. They said the same thing when they bought Lucasfilm. I, however, was excited. They weren’t going to mess around with a good …

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Jun 30

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Transformers. Michael Bay. Cash Money. That is some of the reviews in a nutshell. I didn’t check up on what people said about Transformers: Age of Extinction ahead of time, because I knew I would probably agree with them. I figured the film might be full of inaccuracies that I would find painful, but I’d …

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Jun 11

How To Train Your Dragon 2

For those with a lot of courage, you may have seen my review for How To Train Your Dragon. Why courage? because that review is old and weak and it certainly shows. It is weak because it was one of my first 100, which I made in like a month by adding words from my …

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Jan 11

Yogi Bear

Without looking, I am going to assume that Yogi Bear probably failed at gaining really any profit. Its goal is to make a live action version of an old cartoon, one kids nowadays do not watch. So it wants to be a kids movie, but appeals to a non-kids audience. So adults going to it …

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Sep 30

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon? Dumb title. Just saying. Let’s have some creativity dreamworks. Good luck making an evil baby dragon look cute also. Oh shit. Awww, look at that cute evil glare. In this story we have Viking like people! Hooray! They are at war with the dragons because…uhh they are dragons and dragons …

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