True Grit

Jeff Bridges is a great fucking actor.

Did you know that? Even in the shitty movies, he is the best part.

Jeff Bridges
His computer generated self however is not as good as the real thing.

True Grit is not a remake of the other movie. It is based off of the book, just like the first movie. I know some people who refuse to watch it because its a remake of a “John Wayne movie”, but that is wrong.

The main star is actually Hailee Steinfeld, a young girl who is out to get the man who murdered her father. She hires Bridges, a ranger, to find him for a fee. She also lets Matt Damon know, who is already looking for the same man. The man played by Josh Brolin.

So the movie is about the search for the murderer, normally a mans game, but including the addition of a spunky little girl, who knows what she wants.

Hailee Steinfeld
Right now she wants buckets of water.

So all the acting is fantastic in this movie. I am not sure why Hailee was nominated for best supporting actress. She is NOT a supporting actress in this movie, she is a main actress. She should have been nominated for Best, and beaten Natalie Portman for it. I bet its some bullshit age / first time reasons for the choice.

The Coen Brothers have been trying to perfect their “Western” movies for awhile, and they have done so with True Grit.

4 out of 4.

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