Guest Review: State of Emergency

For all you Xbox gamers out there, you saw State of Emergency was advertised to you during the final week of June. The only reason I watched this movie was because all of my friends were off doing real-life things, and I was taking the afternoon off. I read the IMDB review, which led me to doubt it. But it’s only an hour and a half, so I thought, ‘What the hell, right?’

The movie begins with Jay Hayden playing Jim, a young, handsome lad, who has a rifle pointed at another man. Suspense, right from the get go. After about ten or so seconds, it cuts to black and the actual beginning of the movie starts. I love when movies do this because I spend the rest of the movie wondering ‘When’s THAT part coming up?’

After seeing this and knowing Scott, I'm thinking "shoot him. Shoot, shoot shoot..."
After seeing this and knowing Scott, I’m thinking “shoot him. Shoot, shoot shoot…”

The story starts with Jim and his wife, Emilee, played by McKenna Jones. She’s got some sort of injury, and it’s just a really predictable scene. But it sets up the next ten minutes of the film. So, I guess it’s necessary. Kinda. Sorta.

It didn’t take too long for zombies to show up in the film. After a lot of teasing and when you are finally about to explode with anticipation, BAM, zombie. All on your face. Bonus fun, these zombies are smart. That’s what I liked most about this movie. It was a lot like World War Z. A thought out, intelligent zombie movie focused on a specific goal rather than just killing and running from zombies.

After a little bit of silence (about five minutes of Jim just breathing and panting) a phone rings. Naturally, my first thought was someone had the wrong number for Pizza Hut. But nope, it was a band of people down the road from a warehouse that heard Jim firing off rounds at a zombie. [How the fuck did they know his phone number? – Editor] Jim runs down the road in the middle of the night (of course, when else is there a better time to be moving than the middle of the night) and meets up with Scott (Scott Lilly), Julie (Kathryn Todd Norman), and Ix (Tori White).

Let it be known, I hated Scott. The whole time. The guy is unrealistic and is playing the apocalypse thing like they’re hiding from the common cold. Stupid. Julie is playing the housewife in the warehouse and Ix, short for Alix (spelling?) is a really odd character at first. So you’ve got the four of them, holding out there.

After Scott was being a dumbass and running around outside trying to get some helicopter’s attention, and Ix was having some medical issues, we hit where the movie started. That scene where Jim is pointing the rifle at, now we know, Scott (wish he would have just blown Scott down right there) and we know why Scott is at the bottom of the stairs. We’ve pieced it together, and things seem to be going well. Jim takes care of business, and we fast forward to the next morning. [Sleep is basically time travel – Editor]

Scott is such a dumbass in this scene. But, alas, Jim is a hero.
Scott is such a dumbass in this scene. But, alas, Jim is a hero.

The next morning, Jim does some scoping out with Scott, the movie reaches it’s main goal and we hit the “prologue,” if you will. [Wat? – Editor]

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. A huge thing for me was it wasn’t the run-and-gun, gore, zombie slaying movie we’re used to seeing, which is refreshing. I watched this after World War Z, and it made me appreciate both films a little bit more. One thing I did not like was how many times Jim does double takes. It’s about 10 times too many. But hey, it adds for a little bit of effect.

Jim does a doubletake, and another, and another....
Jim does a doubletake, and another, and another….

So, if you’re looking to kill an hour and half, I definitely recommend State of Emergency. Simple, starts small, stays small, and you get some zombie action as well. Especially if it is free.

3 out of 4

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