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My forté from now on will most likely be the free movie weekend Xbox Live offers. The last time you heard from me, I “reviewed” State of Emergency. That was my first go. Xbox has now let me take another stab at reviewing, so strap in for this epic, sexy, throbbing review of Erased.

I’ve always been a sucker for these not-quite Indie films; the low budget movies with supporting actors/actresses from  big named movies. So naturally, after the opening scene which will be presented later in the film (my favorite!), I saw this man.

He goes by Aaron Eckhart, but we all know him as Harvey Dent. [Us cooler kids know him from Thank You For Smoking, first. – Editor] However, in Erased, Eckhart is Ben Logan, an ex-CIA operative who has kept his life secret from his daughter.

"I'm just going to stare off into the distance for this sweet mugshot." - Any actor/actress, ever.
“I’m just going to stare off into the distance for this sweet mugshot.” – Any actor/actress, ever.

Daughter Amy Logan (Liana Liberato) handled her part with ease, for the most part. Kept in the dark about her father’s life as a killer for the CIA, Amy must come to terms with her father’s occupation. A “watch-dad-kill-or-be-killed” kind of attitude.

After the heading in to a normal day of work, Ben takes Amy in to work with him. Ben quickly realizes his company has vanished. As in, there’s not a damn coffee mug to be found, just an empty building [Oh shit. The building was erased?! – Editor]. Amy, very confused by the situation, tries pleading with her father that this is some kind of trick.

The next hour involves hunting down clues to figure out what happened to the company, and what mix-up has Ben gotten the two of them into. They take trips to the train station and the morgue and the train station and some more Brussels-type train things. Lots of trains. Trains fucking everywhere.

What’s even better is this was one of those “the movie is ending, NOPE, bam, plot twist!” movies.

Amy doesn’t agree with her father’s lifestyle (as if he could really do anything about it) and up and leaves him. [That bitch, that job paid for her education and clothes! – Editor] Little does Amy know, people are really after her, not just her dad. She ends up being kidnapped and held ransom until Ben hands over the super secret documents he’s acquired from his….well, days… I think, of spying.

The ending gives you a little bit of a realistic approach, so to speak. Where, maybe not all endings are happy endings? Yeah, kind of like that.  Which makes this great because life isn’t about happy endings. It’s about taking care of business. And that’s what Ben Logan does.

Bachman Turner Overdrive would be impressed.
Bachman Turner Overdrive would be impressed.

What I really enjoyed about this movie most was the fact it was a spin off Taken. And oddly enough, I liked Erased more. [He doesn’t mean the actual definition of spin-off here. He means that it is similar because awesome spy + daughter. – Editor]

The Logan family takes on the bad guys together, father/daughter style, where as Taken was Liam Neeson hunting down, and gruesomely killing everyone and anyone in his way. Taken featured a lot more of Neeson using his special agent ways to find his daughter, whereas Eckhart (Logan) is using his wit WITH his daughter, to figure out what the hell is going on with his phantom company.

Secret, secret, secret phone call. "Now I have the information. No killing necessary."
Secret, secret, secret phone call. “Now I have the information. No killing necessary.”










The storyline was well thought out and the cast (for the most part) handled their respective roles well. I was still left with a few questions by the end of the movie, but that could just be me not connecting the dots properly. It’ll make you think. And in the end, it makes you feel. It makes you feel so hard, and leaves you with a Freddie Mercury fist pump.

3 out of 4

Fun fact: Ben Logan loses parts of his face for a bit Erased. Only thing that makes sense in the world is this.

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